Monday, July 13, 2009

Back to RES

So I've gone 2 times now to work in my room and both attempts have been unsuccessful! So I was told that today it would be ready! I am excited! I'll be sure to take the before and after pictures! Wish me luck...... I'm meeting Nicole S (who has been a lifesaver) who teaches kindergarten. She is a sweetheart! I'm also taking Gabriel (which is why I need the luck). I'm sure he'll have plenty to keep him entertained!

By the way......... could someone please tell me how to put the cute name at the bottom of each post?! Thanks!


  1. The pics are good!! I do my signature in PhotoShop Elements. Do you hae that?? I don't know any other way to do it.
    Check out this! Melissa shared this with me. Hope this helps!! :)

  2. Melissa Sands did mine and just about everyone elses.....

  3. I don't have PSE right now so it looks like I need to contact Melissa!!! Thanks for helping!