Saturday, July 18, 2009


My BIGGEST goal this summer was to get Becky potty trained! I am proud to say "WE DID IT"!!! I am so proud of her! Last night, in celebration of her big accomplishment, we took her out for her "potty party". We knew the one place she would love would be Chuck E Cheese BUT as we pulled through the parking lot, it was packed! We decided to hit the spot we took Gabriel for his, The Flying Frogs. Needless to say it was not crowded and they had a blast! I'm just proud to know that we won't be buying anymore diapers!!!!


  1. OH HOW WONDERFUL! I am so proud of you BICKY! :) Julie, I need you at this house! Coop has been running around naked for days, but we aren't getting anywhere!

  2. Until.......Cousin Jena has one in 5 or 6 more years, LOL!!! No more in this house :0)