Friday, July 10, 2009

We decided to spend this dreary day making cookies. After my physical therapy this morning, we headed home and pulled out all of our ingredients. Gabriel and Becky picked out which cookie cutter they wanted to use. They really liked being able to cut out their own cookie. While they baked and cooled, Becky took her nap. She's been struggling through an outer ear infection. She falls out when her shirt touches's pitiful :( Anyway, after she woke up, we mixed up the icing and started decorating. She requested the pink icing and said Gabriel needed blue. Now we are just waiting for the icing to dry so we can sample........................
Well I was going to share pictures but for some reason it doesn't want to load.........maybe I can get them up later.


  1. I am most impressed!!! Two Smart Cookies better watch out.

  2. I could just eat her with a spoon! Cutey Cutey Tutey!!! The cookies look good too!
    Gabriel is starting to look like such a little man, losing the babyface.
    P.S. Why are you in therapy?