Sunday, October 11, 2009

Gabriel Cooks Supper!!

Last Christmas, we got the kids a copy of Paula Deen's My First Cookbook. After the usual call of "what do you all want for supper?" and getting no response, I plopped down on the couch to try and update my blog page. Gene took over and made sandwiches. In the mean time, Gabriel gets his cookbook off the shelf and start turning through it to decide what he wants. Gene notices and tells him to pick out a recipe he wants and he could make it the next night (which turned out to be Friday b/c the breakfast bar at Shoney's on Thursday night is just TOOOOO good) Gabriel decides he wants to make a Chicken Pot Pie. Notice the word PIE at the end..........I think that was all he saw :-) So anyway, he writes his recipe down...

Friday night rolls around and Becky is all ready to help out too! She runs and grabs her apron while Gabriel put water in the pot to boil the chicken.

Becky double checks to make sure Gabriel is following directions :~)

Put the crust in the bottom of the pie dish.

Put in the chicken, then vegetables.

Pour the gravy on top and place the top pie crust over chicken and vegetables and place in the oven.

Becky's turn..... she gets to count out the rolls and spreads butter on them.

And 40 minutes later, we have one delicious Chicken Pot Pie........Yummy!

For those who don't know, I don't like vegetables so I picked around mine. Becky thought her rolls were the BEST thing ever. Gabriel didn't like it too much and wanted to know why it didn't taste like pie :) LOL. Gene thought it was wonderful. We had a wonderful evening watching the kids make dinner. The recipe was so kid friendly and with it being Paula Deen, how could it taste any way but delicious!!!!


  1. YOU GO GABRIEL!!!! Oh, and I'm sure Becky's rolls were the bomb, too! That sounds real quick and easy, but the most important thing were those small hands stirring in it.

  2. I sooooooo love cooking with Ash. It is so strange that if SHE cooks it, she is more willing to try eating it versus if only I cook and want her to eat it...that is a BIG NO THANKS!!! We love making banana pudding.

  3. That is just precious! But, I'm with you -- hold the veggies please!

  4. PRICELESS moments... This is great Julie. I am so with you and Melissa on the veggies! :) Thanks for all of your sweet comments and for being such a great friend. Love ya!

  5. They look so cute cooking together. Especially Becky in her apron!

  6. I believe it would cause a little panic when Paula started mentioning my own pie crust!!! That probably does seem kid friendly to her...or the talented cooker :) That was a cute post and actually pot pie is the one thing that I don't mind the veggies! slurp...

  7. Looks like ya'll had a good time and a great dinner! I am sure the kids had fun cooking - you think you'll get Gabriel back in the kitchen?
    I have to agree with you - veggies in pies are the best. Brett wanted to know why I didn't put peas and carrots in the shepard's pie the other night - because I don't like them and I am the cook - that's why! lol