Wednesday, December 23, 2009

December catch up

What a wonderful time of the year. This month has been so full of exciting events and I just haven't taken the time to put them all down. So here is a quick overview of what we've been up to. To start the month off, Gene and I took our annual trip to Atlanta to the SEC game with the Clyde's Market gang. The other wives and I took off Friday morning to the Mart and Atlantic Station to start some shopping. We all met up for dinner that night. Saturday morning, Gene and I made our traditional stop by Meme's Dinner for breakfast before starting our day of shopping. We made a full day of shopping before heading back to get ready for the SEC game. We had a great weekend together!!!

Here are a few pictures of the kids in front of the tree. This was my original attempt for a Christmas picture!

On a Monday afternoon, the kids and I met daddy out at Mr. Charles Tillman's house and soon to be winery. He has lots of places to take pictures and the kids enjoyed being out doors. It was beautiful there and I hope to go back again soon once he finishes.

SANTA BABY~ Have I been Naughty or Nice
On Saturday (Dec 12) we ventured to Savannah in the wet and very cold weather to see Santa and do some shopping. Needless to say, the traffic was out to I-95 when we got there so we traveled slowly the next 45 minutes or so. Our first stop was Bass Pro. They both walked right up to Santa without hesitation. Becky was LOVIN' wearing her tutu and prissed the entire time we were there, as you can see in some of the pictures! Wonder what Santa is thinking when he sees her Naughty shirt and her brother's nice. I do have one picture where Gabriel is taking up for her by showing Santa it says "Nice" on the back.

Gabriel's choir performed Sunday morning (Dec 13) during the morning service. I was able to snap a few shots before the service while they were practicing. I must say the boy loves to sing like his daddy. He puts his heart into it. He was belting it out so loud during the service that everyone could hear him and I know this because they were turning around and smiling at me! Gene (who happened to be in Louisiana hunting) asked if he was in tune and my reply was, if he meant in tune by singing his little heart out to the Lord, then he was right on time!

Is what my little Angel said! He has been practicing his part for weeks!!! What a wonderful job he did as Gabriel in the k 5 Christmas play! I was so proud of him and the entire k5. They did a wonderful job!

I arranged for Santa to pay a visit to my class on Wednesday during our party. While he was there, I asked him to slip over to the day care and was able to get a picture of him and Becky. As I was taking their picture, she takes him by the face and asks "Am I still on the naughty list or am I on the good list now?" Yes, we have been telling her she is on the naughty list well because it really makes no difference to her!

Gabriel had his Christmas party Friday morning while Becky's was that afternoon. It was a busy day but I managed to make it to both! They both had lots of fun but were ready to head home to begin their Christmas Break! And SO was I!!!!!

We had our Christmas with Gene's side of the family this past Saturday. We started off with breakfast at Papa Dub's. The kids open their presents from papa and he opens the ones we give him. As you can see, his were stacked high! Then that evening we head over to Mr. Lana and Mr. Jerry's for dinner, my favorite, which consists of finger foods. I love to walk and eat! The kids were very excited when they opened their gifts. Gabriel was extremely happy when he opened his Razor Rip Rider 360. We can't keep him off of it. It is super cool and all he could say was "whoa" when he first got on it. He and Jacob had a fun time outside riding them Saturday night while the rest of us ate again.

Mema and papa buy the kids Gingerbread Houses every year and this year was no different. They've been patiently waiting to decorate it and finally got to. They had lots of fun decorating it with their daddy and I enjoyed sitting back and watching! Becky was so precise with her beads while Gabriel was putting them on as fast as he could. I think they had more fun eating the icing and candy than actually decorating it.

Last night we (the Edwards and Crosby gang) went to see "The Lights" at Okefenokee Swamp. It was wonderful! It was a smaller version of Callaway. We hopped aboard the train and made our way through the swamp which was filled with lots of beautiful lights. The kids had a wonderful time and really enjoyed the train ride. After our trip around the swamp, we walked over to the big oak tree for a quick visit with Santa. I can't believe that I brought my camera and when I pulled it out of the bag, realized that I FORGOT to turn it off the night before when we finished with the Gingerbread House. I snapped a few with my phone so the quality is not the best. Afterwards the kids jumped aboard the kiddie train and had lots of fun with that also. It was a wonderful night and the weather couldn't have been better!

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  1. Sure thought I was busy, but you have me beat! LOL! I didn't know that Okefenokee Swamp did a lights tour. We will have to check that out next year! Thanks for sharing!