Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A First for Gabriel

Gabriel had his first friend over to spend the night Friday.  He and Parker were so excited when I picked them up from school Friday to find out they were going to see the movie How to Train Your Dragon.  We stopped first at Mellow Mushroom for some YUMMY pizza.


Then it was off to the movies for popcorn and Sprite :0) 


Once we got home, we put the tent up in the living room so they could “camp out”.  They had so much fun!  Becky tried to get in with them but they, I should say Gabriel, were quick to tell her boys only.  She wasn’t to heart broken because she got to sleep with mama and daddy. 



They didn’t stay zipped up for long…….

because they wanted to watch cartoons.



After breakfast, it was time for Super Mario Bros. Wii……… although you really don’t want to play with Gabriel because he will leave you behind.  He’s NOT a team player when it comes to this game. 


Thanks Parker for going with us to the movies and spending the night!  We really enjoyed having you!

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  1. This is so sweet, Julie! Parker had the best time and has talked about it all week. Thanks so much for having him. I know there will be many many more times like these in store for us. :) You were a life saver on Friday. Thanks so much for picking up my boy for me. Such a precious post and I LOVE those pics. Gotta have them.