Saturday, March 6, 2010

PCA Baseball Camp

Gabriel went to a mini baseball camp this morning.  Gene said he had a great time and even snapped a few pictures for me :0)..gotta love him!  Here are a few (of course I had to play with a couple).  Gabriel and Parker BBC

PCA Gabe

I hope to capture many more pictures of him in front of this spot in years to come!

Ground ball1 copy

hitting1 copy

running1 copy

He’s ready for baseball season now and so is Becky.  She has FINALLY agreed to playing t ball.  We asked if she wanted to play and her response was “No, I want to dance.  I don’t want to get dirty, baseball is for boys”.  Once I explained that she would have to wait for dance she agreed.  Of course that was only on one condition……… she said she has to have a “pink bat, pink ball, pink shoes, pink helmet, and pink glove”.  Wish us luck on finding all the “pink”!




  1. can get that PINK stuff everywhere. Ash has a pink helmet, pink and black cleats, pink bat and a pink glove!!!! That will NOT be hard to find.