Thursday, July 29, 2010

Boat Ride @ the Coast

After our boat sat in the yard for over 2 years, we decided to take it out for a ride.   The kids had a blast.  We rode out past Blackbeard and then stopped  there for a little beach time. 






We then headed over toward Sapelo and ate lunch in the boat.  I think Becky really enjoyed her lunch because she wouldn’t stop eating.  We had a great time together and can’t wait until our next venture!



  103_3288 103_3279

(note: Becky fell the night before while we were washing the boat and hit the same spot she already had a scar.  She was trying to swing Gabriel around and slipped.  It formed a scab and when the scab came off last week, she was so EXCITED because it was “PINK”.  )

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