Tuesday, June 7, 2011

May Madness (a month’s worth of posts)

It seems that May is always the busiest month for our family.  This year is no different.  Our first weekend started with Becky and her first dance recital.  As I have said before, it has always been my dream to have a little girl that enjoys dancing as much as I did when I was growing up.  I think she LoVes it more than I did.  This girl seems to dance non stop, even when we are walking placing, such as the mall.  She is in constant dance motion.  We are entertained at home with nightly performances by Becky.  She has a combination of dances she’s seen as well as her own dance moves.  She was so excited once again to put on make up and get on stage. 

IMG_7780 IMG_7828

Becky and Daddy


Becky and her dancing BuDdIeS


Showing off some dance moves

IMG_7783 IMG_7803

The next day was Mother’s Day~ Gene spoiled us once again with lunch.  For the past 5 years or so, he has cooked lunch for my family and his and this year was no different.  Our menu consisted of low country boil and homemade apple pies~ even the shell was made from scratch!  Needless to say, it was DE~LISH!

apple pies

Later in the week, on Thursday, we celebrated Gabriel’s 7th birthday!  Can’t believe that 7 years have gone by since we were blessed with this boy.  It seems just like yesterday we brought him home.  He has brought so much happiness to our lives~ he continues to make us proud everyday!



Gene has been training for the past couple of months to run the 5k Onion Run.  We decided to make it a family affair so the kids, Jena and I ran the 1 mile and Gene ran the 5k.  Gabriel got 1st place in this age division and Jena and Becky got 2nd place in their age division.  Gene beat his normal time of 36 minutes and finished in 34 minutes!  So proud of all of them!



Gene and Gabriel walked with the Clyde’s Market group during the parade. 


After the parade, we had to head home to get Becky ready to dance at the Festival~ she was super excited once again!


The following week wrapped up the ball season for both Gabriel and Becky!

IMG_7950 IMG_7939

As I rounded up my last week of school, so did Gabriel.  He had a wonderful time at his end of the year party.  I think LIMBO was the kids favorite activity!


Of course Gabriel tried to see how close to the ground he could get every time!


Friday ended his 1st grade year.  We were very proud of his progress and how well he has done~ he is off to a great start will all A’s!  Keep up the good work Gabriel….. WE LOVE YOU!  You are doing GREAT!

Last few minutes as a 1st Grader


Music Award~ must get this from his DADDY!


Physical Fitness Award


AR Award


Our 2nd Grader


Since the previous weekends were busy, we had to put off having his party until the Saturday after he got out of school.  A HUGE THANK YOU goes to Melissa for helping with all the decorations!  She is SO very talented~ I sent her an idea for a Nerf party (Gabriel’s idea) and here is what she came up with!

Birthday Banner


Cupcake Toppers


Water bottle labels


Goody Bag Toppers


Thanks to all his friends for coming to make his Nerf/ Swim party such a fun day!

Poor Becky had one more day of school and then had her end of the year program that Monday night.  She has practiced singing every song and said everything that was done at the program that night. 

Sammy Square


Becky got the Busy Beaver Award~ which I thought was just what it said “BUSY” but I was wrong~ This award is the “Highest award given to the student that excelled in the following areas: Christian Attitude, Academics, Bible Memory and Leadership”.

Becky we are so PROUD of YOU~  You are the sunshine of our lives.  You are so full of life and love~ we hope your personality will continue to grow and that you will always be the HAPPY person that you are!  We LOVE you!

Busy Beaver Award


She also got a Cleverly Creative award in art because she was ALWAYS wanting to add PINK GLITTER to every activity Mrs. Robin had planned….Go figure :)

And so we spent our next 3 days at meme and papa’s pool just enjoying our 1st couple of days off.  Then it was on the road.  Gene and I celebrated our 11th anniversary at Ashton’s Graduation in Atlanta.  She graduated Friday night and had her party on Saturday.  Gene decided we should stay downtown Atlanta at the Westin.  He wanted to see Gabriel and Becky’s reaction to the outside elevator~ which he found out they are NOT scared of heights like he is.  When we checked in, Gabriel went straight to the window to look down and out.  Becky was a little more hesitant at first, she just kind of stood back by the foot of the bed.

2011-05-27_16-11-31_69 (2)

Saturday we went to Mimi’s cafe, Gene and my favorite breakfast place (where we go when we are in Atlanta for SEC or shopping).  Then we ventured up to Yellow River Game Ranch where the animals such as deer, rabbit, ducks, and chipmunks roam free.  The animals would come up to you and eat out of your hands.  They also had other animals in cages that you could feed as well~ buffalo, bear, burro, donkeys, turkeys, etc.  The kids thought it was neat. 



After that we went back to the Westin for a trip up to the Sundial.


DSCN6492 DSCN6491

Later that evening we headed back to Peachtree City for Ashton’s party!  LOTS of fun~ I think Becky danced the entire time.  Gabriel had fun dancing as well……  We wrapped up the trip Sunday with lunch at Taco Mac, YuMmY~  Congratulations Ashton!  Good Luck at Belmont in the Fall :)

A couple months ago, we made reservations for Disney!  We were supposed to leave Tuesday morning but couldn’t wait!  We called and had two extra nights added to our stay, packed everything Monday morning and were on our way by lunch!

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