Sunday, November 27, 2011

American Girl Experience

Meme and Papa wanted to celebrate Becky’s 5th birthday by taking her to the American Girl doll store.  While Gene was pheasant hunting in South Dakota, Meme, Papa, Jena, the kids and I loaded up and headed to Atlanta.  



We arrived and were all overwhelmed with all the choices there were. There were dolls in plenty and outfits galore~



Becky wanted one that looked like her and therefore that is what we did first.


Meet Emma Grace, that has curly hair, blue eyes and freckles or “dots” as Becky calls them.

Now to find the right outfit and accessory.  Matching pj’s were first on the list.



Give Emma Grace a BIG hug before she heads back to get her ears pierced, just like Becky.


She was such a big girl.  Now Becky is listening to how she should take care of Emma Grace’s ear rings.



Then we were off to one of my favorite spots…….mostly for the dessert…. The CHEESECAKE FACTORY.

Here is the BEST big brother EVER!  He never complained the first time as we celebrated and shopped!


Happy Birthday Becky!  We had the best waitress EVER~ she was so attentive and made Becky’s night!


Here is my dessert~ it was so YUMMY!IMG_9208

Meme and Papa made reservations at a hotel next to the store and they had American Girl packages.  This was a surprise for Becky.  It was a “pink” themed room with gifts for the doll and milk and cookies for Becky and the doll.  Can you tell she was excited?!


Pink beanbag

IMG_9199 Pink Towels


Saturday morning we got up and went to the American Girl Bistro for brunch.  Even Emma Grace had a spot at the table with her own plate and cup.


My two favorite LITTLE people~ well not so little anymore :(


Thank you MEME and PAPA!  This will be a birthday NEVER forgotten!


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  1. Girl I love me some CF! Any place that sells a hamburger with potato chips is A-okay with me!!! T and M have never been... so wish we had a closer one! You sure have 2 pretty kiddos... well, 1 pretty and 1 handsome! :P