Monday, June 29, 2009

What a restful weekend!

This weekend was a calm one compared to our past several weekends! I do believe it's the first one we've been home since Mother's Day. Saturday morning we woke up and after much debate decided to eat the Kung Fu Panda waffles. The kids loved them! Then Gene decided that he and Gabriel were going to Reidsville to hit some golf balls on the driving range and then putt a few! Becky and I went along for the ride. It was pretty hot but we had a great time. Becky even hit a few balls. Yesterday, we just kinda vegged out all day. Gabriel told his papa this morning that he stayed in his pj's all day. For whatever reason he was pretty excited about that. I have to share this "Gabrielism"........... as you know he was really good Thursday while I played with this. Anyway, my pics were loading really slow and so Gene decided to take a look at it. We told Gabriel it would just be a few minutes. Well, a few seconds later he asked are you finished yet? I'm ready to log back in. I do believe he already has his daddy's talents when it comes to computers!
Well, I went over to my new school this morning to drop off some stuff, thinking that it would not be in too bad of shape. Was I EVER wrong!!!!! They decided to wax the floor and since there was question on one part of the floor everything was still pushed over on the carpet. I should and will take a before and after picture! Hopefully next week I can get a good start b/c the was it was today, it will take from then until school to get this room ready!!!!

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