Monday, June 29, 2009

Our Summer so far.........................

We've had a fun summer so far. It started off when Gene and I went to Hilton Head for the Ga. Association of Convenient Stores (GACS) Convention. They have one every year at different locations, ALWAYS on a beach. The past 2 years, just the two of us have gone and Gabriel and Becky stayed with mama and daddy and Aunt Sandi. We had a great time.
We got home on Wednesday and repacked to leave Sunday for Daytona. Of course we had to fit in the "Princess Birthday Party" for Anna. All the girls dressed up like a princess. Becky's dress was a hand me down from her cousins, Madison and Ashton. The girls had lots of fun. Dena did such a great job organizing the party, they made "princess" visors, jumped, had a pinata and EVEN had a "Real" Princess come and read a story. All the girls were given Princess Certificates when they felt the pea. Here are a few pics from this fun afternoon!

Gabriel spent the majority of his beach time in the ocean riding waves on his boogie board. He loved catching big ones that he was able to ride all the way in.

Becky enjoyed playing in the hole we dug her. It was like her own little beach pool.

We also enjoyed a day playing putt putt. Gabriel does pretty well following the rules and most of the time gets it in with 2 or 3 putts. Becky on the other hand would hit the ball once, then move it right outside the hole and putt it in for 2 everytime!
We went to see the movie UP. I just knew that after 10 minutes, Becky and I would have to leave because she wouldn't sit the entire movie. Well 30 minutes went by, then and hour, and before I knew it the movie was over and I got to see the whole thing!!!! I was so proud of her! She did so good! After the movie we went to Bubba Gump's for dinner. IT was really good. The kids meals came out in a big paper shrimp boat. They really enjoyed the blue jello!

When we got back, both kids were signed up for swimming lessons. We keep trying to convience daddy we need a pool but unfortunately for us, he had one when he was growing up :( Becky had the best time and was so proud of going under the water.

After jumping off the diving board and swimming over to the ladder, she got out of the pool and climbed onto the lounge chair. I went over to take a picture and she proceeds to tell me~ "Mom, I need to go take a hot shower now." I think by the last day she was worn out because she hasn't asked to go back swimming yet!

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