Friday, September 4, 2009

It doesn't get better at 2 1/2

I love seeing Tracy's post with AC!!! She reminds me so much of Becky........ I think it's just the girl in them. Well after we got home this afternoon, I was in the middle of putting some clothes up, and Becky decided she wanted cheese and I guess she wanted it "NOW". Of course you know it doesn't always work that way. When I told her to give me a minute, the drama started. Unfortunately a minute was not in her time frame. After I finished what I was doing, and she stopped pitching her fit, I said she could have some. As you see, she was beyond excited! She even "cheesed" for her cheese!


  1. You busted my bubble when you said it doesn't get better. :)

  2. Someone told me not to long ago that once they turned 3, they would be a different child........ 2 months and 14 days, but who's counting :0)